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Yroo's new Deal AI feature helps shoppers find the best-value products in the market
Yroo, the world's most powerful meta-search shopping platform, announces the launch of a new feature called Deal AI™ that pushes notifications to shoppers when the prices of popular products drop to historically attractive levels. "The average consumer is exposed to thousands of ads every day and sifting through all the noise to identify true deals in the market is challenging. Prices can fluctuate significantly over time and advertised discounts are often not as attractive as they appear," said James Cunningham, CEO of Yroo. "Deal AI empowers shoppers by informing them of unique, one-time buying opportunities on products that are relevant to them."
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Collision Conference Preview: Yroo, The World Is Your Store
Do you use price-tracking on sites like You know, where you find a product you like and you wait for an update when the pricing goes down? Of course you do, because who doesn’t like saving a little money. Well imagine if you had the ability to compare pricing at just about every store on the planet without Google bias?
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The top 50 startups investors want to see at Web Summit
Today we’re releasing the 50 startups investors are most requesting meetings with. Over the the last 11 months, more than $1 billion has been invested in startups that exhibited at Web Summit events in 2015, so it’s fascinating to see the startups our more than 1,300 investors are most excited about meeting at Web Summit 2016.
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Pokemon, Star Wars among top Halloween costumes for pets
Do you want to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or a creepy clown? The choices are hard. But they can be even harder when it comes to dressing up your pet. Your pet doesn't get a say in what it is dressed as, so you want to make sure it's something your pet would not be resentful of if it had the capacity to be resentful. Shopping search site Yroo came out with a list of the top 10 most popular pet costumes for this Halloween.
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